Jess James Harris is a DOP/filmmaker, his gentle character and collaborative working style make anything possible, in an industry built on imagination. . He considers himself fortunate to be living his passion and loves to share that passion with like minded humans. He believes in the power of strong collaborations and telling good narrative through strong imagery. He will go to literally any lengths to get you the shot you want. He doesn’t just bend over backwards for your film, he takes it to the edge, all the while keeping a contagious smile on his face

Jess was given a skateboard by his lovely parents after moving from a small surf town in 1988 to the biggest landlocked city in the world. After returning to Egoli from a year of solo travel, he became an active member in the skate community as a filmmaker, where he learned his way around the famous Sony VX cameras. In 2006 Familia skateboards released the first-ever independent full-length film out of South Africa that received a cult status, as the biggest contributor to the final product he is still proud to so say “I made that thing”.

Still skateboarding thirty-three years later, enjoying it more than ever, he is currently working on two independent project that has created excitement in the industry. With 20 years of experience operating while on a skateboard, he offers the directors/production the ability to shoot his meticulously lit sets while roving on his board. To the best of his knowledge, Jess is the best DOP that can operate on a skateboard confidently in South Africa and one of the best in the world.